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About Us

Without bees life as we know it would die.  

Support bees by stop spraying insecticides and pesticides, fill your yard with flowers instead of grass, and of course, buying local honey and bee products!  We use integrated pest management to reduce negative impact of bee keeping to ensure the health of our bees and our planet.  Feel free to ask questions!

Here we are: Ashley and Warren.  

Ashley and Warren have multiple locations between Kalamazoo and Paw Paw, Michigan where we use integrated pest management practices to support our bees as they live and forage amongst wildflowers and trees.  Local honey is great for your health as well!  Please reach out to us with any questions, we are happy to connect with you!

And who is that old white guy on the stickers?  That's Ashley's grandpa!  Wlliam Bishop is the one who inspired the whole business of beekeeping and learning about bees in Allegan, Michigan.  He's up in heaven now drinking Faygo and eating burnt hotdogs, looking down and wondering "well what the hell did ya do that for?". 

Contact us from: 8am–6pm, Monday through Saturday

Apiaries located in Paw Paw & Kalamazoo, Michigan

Phone: 269-650-3304

Email: myobkazoo@gmail.com

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